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Lady Spermad
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Lady Spermaid asks for compensation

This is dedicated to reader MAB . She chose a word I didn’t know. I had to check dictionary and consult a lawyer about it. But it is good. It means I learned a new thing. Mr. Darcy will surely approve. Here is the drabble for “restitution”.

The Darcy carriage sped away from the former Miss Bingley, now Lady Spermad’s townhouse in top speed one hot summer morning. Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, together with the Bingley and Hurst families, were invited for a three-week visit but they only stayed for four days.

The ton’s gossipmongers had different speculations. One story was that the mistress of Pemberley snubbed the host for her inferior accommodation. Another rumination was that Lady Spermad could not tolerate Mrs. Darcy’s country behaviour. What was the truth?

“Fitzwilliam, why did we cut short our visit with Caroline? Was it because she did not accept our restitution?”

“No, she did not want a new bed.”

“What did she want?”

\"You would not want to know.” Darcy rolled his eyes and continued to undress his lovely wife.

Elizabeth avoided his hands and said “Tell me at once!”

“You are certain you want to know.”

“Most certain.”

“She wanted me to spend a night with her.”


“She said she did not understand how we could be so amourous during our night of passion that we broke the bed in the guest chamber. She begged me to relief her suffering because her husband was the most … useless kind.”

The End

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